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Rope & Powder Incense

Rope & Powder Incense B I Trade center Burner & Holders Chandra Devi Incense Druk Incense Centre Flora stick incense Gangchen Tibetan Incense Ghakyil Ling Nunnery Incense Himalayan Arts Incense Craft Lucky Tibetan Incense Stupa Incense Industry Tibetan Incense World Peace Incense
Nepali Rope Incense belongs to the long tradition of family cottage industries in the Himalayas. Almost all young children learn to twist ropes from their grandparents and eventually teach their own children or grandchildren. The ropes are produced in large quantities by farmers and other villagers during the off season. High quality aromatic medicinal herbs are gathered and dried. Herbs used have fumigation qualities and purify the atmosphere when burned. Lokta paper made from the Daphne bush is used to contain the herbs. The herbal blend is placed in the paper and given an artistic twist.
We carry fine Tibetan Powder incense in traditional scents used for meditation and magic. Tibetan Powder incenses an ideal incense powder for burning in meditation sites and for ritual offerings during religious ceremonies to acquire peace, health and harmony. Made according to traditional methods this Sang makes a wonderful ritual offering or simply burn it to clear away stagnant energy. To burn Sang place it in a suitable metal container or Sang burner and let it burn away to produce its very distinctive aroma.

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