Handcrafted Mask

Nepal is a country at the crossroads between India and Tibet and thus the forms of worship found there contain elements of Indian Vedic and Tantric Hinduism as well as Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Bon (animism). The diminutive Nepalese Wooden & cotton "masks" shown here are small papier mache hangings meant to be placed on walls, especially above or beside doors and windows, to invoke the aid of popular Hindu deities. In the style typical of Tibetan and Nepalese tantric hagiography, they are all wearing elaborate pointed crowns and displaying their open third eyes. We can supply the best quality Handmade Nepalese Wooden & Cotton mask like Buddha Mask, Green Tara Mask, Ganesh Mask, White Tara Mask,

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Stone Inlay Ganesha Wooden Mask Large
Stone Inlay Ganesha Wooden Mask
Tibetan Plain Mask 4 X 20 inch
Tibetan Wooden Metal Mask 4 x 20 inch
Skull Wooden Mask 6 X 8 Inch
Beaded Mahakala Mask 6 X 8 inch
Beaded Ganesh Mask
Tibetan Sacred Dance Mask
Tibetan Mahakala Wooden Wall Hanging Mask
Bhairab Wooden Mask Xs
Monk Mask
Bhairab Wooden Mask
Ganesh Wooden Mask
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