Snuff bottles

Snuff bottles has a long history of about 300 years and occupies a unique position in Tibetan art. One of the most fascinating things of Tibetan art is the creation of Snuff bottles. Snuff was once quite popular among Tibetan. Various snuff containers, such as snuff-boxes and snuff-bottles, were designed and made for the snuff-takers. No matter rich or poor, there were always suitable ones for them. But nowadays, you know, cigarette is overrunning all over the world. The snuff-bottle tends to be more like a plaything or ornament with ingenious techniques, stylish appearance and good portability.
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Rusty Brass Tibetan Snuff Bottle
Copper Coin Tibetan Snuff Bottle
Stone Inlay Tibetan Snuff Bottle
Stone Inlay Tibetan Mantra Snuff Bottle
Sale Tibetan Turquoise Coral Beads Snuff Bottle
$10.25 $14.75
Tibetan Snuff bottle Filigree
Tibetan Snuff bottle Beads
Sale Bone Tibetan perfume or snuff bottle Large
$4.75 $6.50
Sale Bone Tibetan perfume or snuff bottle
$2.30 $2.99
Tibetan Snuff Bottle Turquoise Mantra
Tibetan Snuff Bottle Mixed stone
Brass Tibetan Snuff Bottle
Tibetan Snuff Bottle Turquoise OM
Coin Snuff Bottle 3 x 4 cm
Copper Tibetan Snuff Bottle
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