Wood Craft

Wooden handicrafts from Nepal are famous for their beauty and durability. The history of wooden handicrafts of Nepal can be traced to antiquity. We export wide range of beautiful wooden handicrafts that reflect the richness of ethnic Nepalese tradition and culture. Our wood handicraft design, carvings and finishes represent excellent craftsmanship and experience of creative craftsman. we specialize in wooden statue, wooden mask, wooden box ,wooden wall hanging, Home decore,prayer whell,wooden toys, doll etc Custom wooden handicrafts can be produced as per buyer specifications or samples Each item is beautifully hand crafted and stringent checks and controls at various stages ensure a consistent quality of the finished products. In fact a large number of the items comprising our range have resulted from the specific and customised requirements of our buyers.
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Hand-Carved Blossom Wooden Wall Art
Sacred Tibetan Mantra Wood Carving
Wooden Tibetan Shrine Chosham
Sale One Love Rasta Sign wall decor
$4.10 $5.85
Wood Craft Dragon Tudal Wall Decor
Sale Om Sweet Om Wooden wall Hanging
$4.90 $6.75
Beautiful Wooden Chakra Plaque Wall Hanging
"Om Sweet Om" Painted Wooden Wall Plaque
Sale Wooden Yoga Wall Hanging
$5.25 $7.75
Sale Namaste Sign Wooden Wall Plaque
$5.25 $7.50
Tibetan Manjushree Wooden Wall Hanging
Tibetan Yab Yum Wooden Wall Hanging
Tibetan Chenrezig Wooden Wall Hanging
Tibetan Jambala Wooden Wall Hanging
Tibetan White Tara Wooden Wall Hanging
Tibetan Ganesh Wooden Wall Hanging
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