Butter Lamp & Bowl

Butter Lamps

In the Buddhist tradition, butter lamps symbolize the clarity of wisdom. Offering butter lamps creates harmony, and generates merit while promoting success, prosperity, longevity, and world peace, as well as helping to avert obstacles, pacify the upheaval of the five elements, and heal disease. When offered on behalf of the deceased, prayers are usually recited for their liberation in the Bardo and rebirth in a Pureland.Tibetan temple, household and altar. Butter lamps are placed on one's shrine and traditionally filled with butter or other oils, such as coconut or canola, but one may also use a tea light candle. They are traditionally burned with ghee butter. Butter Lamps are normally made of silver, brass, copper or white metal

Water Offerings Bowl

The seven water bowl offerings are traditionally presented on a Buddhist altar each morning. These seven bowlsrepresent the 'seven limbed practice' for purifying negative tendencies and accumulating merit.

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Set of 7 Steel Buddhist Offering Bowls
Auspicious carved Mandala offering Set
Auspicious carved Mandala offering Set Silver
Handcrafted Gold & Silver Mandala Set
Tibetan Buddhist Copper Bhumpa Black
Copper Buddhist Water Offering Vase Bhumpa
Gold & Silver Buddhist Water Offering Bhumpa
Sale Semi precious stones for Mandala 1 KG
$8.25 $15.50
Newari hanging temple oil lamp 10 x 5.5 inch
Tibetan Butter Lamps Oxidized Copper
Copper Mandala Set with Carving
Tibetan Buddhist Serkim Copper set 5 inch Tall
Copper Mandala Offering set Small
Copper Mandala Offering set Large
Hand Carved Brass Butter Lamp
Hand Hammering Copper Butter Lamp
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