Shipping Policy

Please read this document carefully. It contains your rights, obligations and important information relating to the return of products you have purchased via this web site.

The shipment fee that you organized is added to your total order fee. Your total order cost contains total order fee + shipment cost. (This section validated, if the shipment firm which we have agreed to service to honourable customer , choose.)

Wholesale handmade items buying:
Certainly! When buying wholesale handmade items for the holiday season, it's important to plan ahead and consider various factors to ensure a smooth and successful purchasing process. Here are Some tips to help you with your wholesale handmade items buying:

Start Early:
Begin your wholesale ordering process several months ahead of the holiday season to allow ample time for production, shipping, and any unexpected delays.

Check Production Times:
Understand the production times of the handmade items you're ordering. Handmade products often require more time, so factor this into your timeline.

Negotiate Terms:
Negotiate pricing, payment terms, and any other relevant terms with Us. Consider ordering in larger quantities for potential bulk discounts.

If you plan to customize the items (e.g., branding, special packaging), confirm this with the supplier and allow extra time for these modifications.

Review Samples:
Request samples of the handmade items before placing a large order. This allows you to assess the quality and craftsmanship of the products.

Shipping Destinations Delivery:
Creative Hand Nepal delivers to all international destinations. You can choose the shipping method you want on the Billing,  and Shipping,  during the Checkout process. There are three main shipping methods to choose from: courier, Air cargo And Sea Cargo.

Creative Hand Nepal currently ships orders via carriers who offer international shipping services at a competitive price, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and ARAMEX.

Delivery time & process:
The entire time frame for order delivery is divided into two aspects:
Processing time : The time it takes to prepare your item(s) to ship from our warehouse. This includes preparing your items, performing quality checks, and packing for shipment.
Shipping Time   : The time for your item(s) to travel from our warehouse to your destination.

The table below shows estimated Shipping times for international orders

Shipping MethodShipping TimeDelivery
DHL5 to 7 DaysDoor To Door
UPS5 to 7 Days
Door To Door
TNT7 to 10 Days
Door To Door
FEDEX5 to 7 Days
Door To Door

 to 12 Days

Door To Door
AIR CARGO7 to 12 DaysInternational Airport Nearest to you
SEA CARGO45 to 60 DaysPort Nearest to you
Note: The shipping times mentioned above refer to the estimated times of business days that the shipment will take after an order has been shipped. Business days do not include Saturday/Sunday and any public holidays. These estimates are based on normal circumstances and are not a guarantee of delivery times. We are not responsible for the failures or delays in delivery resulting from any force majeure event, such as natural disaster, bad weather, war, and any other event beyond our direct control, such as public holidays and customs issues.

Choose the right Shipping option:
The best shipping option depends on several factors, including the size and weight of your items, how quickly you need them, and your budget. Here's a quick guide:
  1. Choose Courier Services for fast, door-to-door delivery of small to medium-sized packages.
  2. Opt for Air Cargo for larger orders when speed is a priority, and cost is a secondary concern.
  3. Select Sea Cargo for the most economical shipping of large or bulky items when you can afford a longer transit time.

Use own shipping company for delivery
Pre-Arranged Shipping: Customers wishing to use their own shipping company may do so by selecting a "Customer-arranged shipping" option at checkout (Pick Up at Store) or by contacting our customer service team immediately after placing an order.

Shipping Account Details: You will need to provide us with your shipping account number and the contact information for your preferred shipping company. This information enables us to coordinate directly with them for your shipment.

Responsibility and Risk: When using your own shipping company, the responsibility for the goods transfers to you once they leave our warehouse. This means that you will be responsible for any shipping, handling, insurance, and customs clearance processes.

Documentation and Customs: Please ensure that your chosen shipping company can provide all necessary shipping documentation, including any required for customs clearance in international shipments. Our team will provide any product-related documents needed.

Coordination with Customer Service: For a smooth process, please coordinate with our customer service team. They will guide you through the steps and ensure that your order is ready for pickup by your shipping company.

Self Pickup:
Self-pickup is only available for shipments within Nepal. Once your order is ready, we will contact you through the email address or phone number specified in your order. Orders must be picked up between 11:00am - 3:00pm, Monday - Friday (Except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

Insurance :
We strongly recommend insurance on Sea Cargo orders. You can protect your package against loss or damage during shipping with insurance You can have your products insured by the cargo company. It costs 3% of the total order value. We are NOT responsible for lost or damaged orders caused by the shipping companies.

Risk of Loss in Transit/Delivery:
The point of delivery shall be at our facility located in Kathmandu Nepal. All ordered merchandise(s) are carefully checked and packed before leaving our facility for shipping. Nevertheless, loss may occur in transit causes beyond Creative Hand Nepal 's control, including merchandise(s) being stolen, fires, strikes, lockouts and withholding of shipment in the event of any unforeseen governmental acts and regulations.  Creative Hand Nepal  shall not be liable for any losses of merchandise(s), failure to deliver or delays in delivery. Claims for loss of merchandise(s) or discrepancies must be made within 48 hours after receipt of the merchandise(s). All claims of loss shipment must be made by customer with the carrier. We are happy to provide any information needed for you to make a claim.

Claim Suggestions :
Please look over your packages carefully. If there is visible damage to the outside of the box, you must note that fact when you sign for the package or it is difficult to get credit for the damaged merchandise from the carrier. If you are claiming damages, YOU MUST KEEP ALL THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOXES AND PACKING MATERIAL FOR INSPECTION. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Duties and Taxes :
Duties, taxes and other fees are determined by the customs agency within the destination country and are the responsibility of the recipient. These fees will be due at the time of delivery and are non-refundable. Creative Hand Nepal is not responsible for customs and duties. For more information, please contact your local customs office.


Non-Received Orders:
In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i.e. wrong name or address) any extra cost incurred by Creative Hand Nepal for redelivery shall be claimed from the User placing the order.

Product Shipping Errors:
If Creative Hand Nepal have shipped wrong ordered merchandise(s) to you. Please report to us immediately within 48 hours of receiving your package(s). It has to be supported with proof of photographs taken on the wrong merchandise for our investigation. If error has been established to be from us,  Creative Hand Nepal will re-shipment of correct order to you at NO additional shipping cost.

Shipping Charge:
Shipment cost depends upon the size of orders, time frame of delivery and mode of shipment. All of our shipping quotes include documentation fees, local handling , packing & stuffing fees and all other local charges levied in the packing and delivery to your Country. We are offering different types and condition for shipment.

Volumetric Weight:
The shipping price is based on the greater of the volumetric weight or the actual weight. To calculate the volumetric weight: Volumetric weight (kg) = [length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm)]/5,000cm = Example: A parcel with dimensions 30cm x 15cm x 10cm has the volumetric weight of 900g (30 x 15 x 10 / 5000). For odd-shaped,non-rectangular items, measurements are taken at the widest point

 If the actual shipping cost and handling is less than what you have paid, we will send you a refund; and if it is more, we will send you an email requesting additional payment before we ship your order.

Prohibited items:
Certain items (such as Herbal Tea, Herbal Product, Essential Oil, Herbal Soap, Wooden Items  ) are restricted in some countries. Please check your local regulations before purchasing these items.

Sustainable Shipping: Our Pledge for a Greener Tomorrow
At Creative Hand Nepal, we're not just about delivering exceptional products; we're also deeply committed to nurturing our planet. Our dedication to sustainability shines through our shipping practices, where we've embraced the use of recycled materials to ensure every package we send out contributes to a healthier environment.

Why Choose Recycled Materials
In our quest to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly practices, we've chosen to use recycled cardboard boxes and old newspapers as the cornerstone of our packaging materials. This choice reflects our commitment to:

Reduce Waste: By reusing cardboard boxes and old newspapers, we significantly lower the volume of waste ending up in landfills.
Conserve Resources: Recycling allows us to lessen the demand for virgin materials, preserving our natural resources for future generations.
Lower Carbon Footprint: The process of recycling and reusing materials requires less energy, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

Our Packaging Choices
Recycled Cardboard Boxes: Sturdy and reliable, these boxes have been given a second life, ensuring your items are protected while also caring for the planet.
Old Newspapers: An eco-conscious choice for filling and padding, old newspapers provide excellent protection for your products during transit, without the environmental cost of new materials.