Dharma Prayer Book

This is a handmade prayer book beautifully illustrated on both sides of each sheet and has a hand painted Buddha picture on the front of each of the ten pages. The front and back covers are wooden and again are beautifully illustrated with 4 Buddha’s on each. Traditional Buddhist scripture books are unbound with wooden cover hand painted,carved with diety designs . the prayers for Health and prosperity are hand -written in Tibet script on daphen bark paper and embellished with paintings of deities.
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Tibetan Deity Mantra Prayer Book
Tibetan Buddha Mantra Prayer Book
Tibetan Tantric Prayer Book 12 x 40 cm
Tibetan Tantric Prayer Book 8 x 29 cm
Tibetan Tantric Prayer Book 7 x 23 cm
Tibetan Black Tantric Prayer Book 8 x 23 cm
Hand Painted Tibetan Monk's Prayer Book
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