Felt Jewellery

Our Felt Jewellery could just be our favourite thing in our collection! Irresistibly touchable beads of 100% felt are dyed naturally and threaded onto cotton, with added sequins for extra wow. Each one is handmade from start to finish by female crafters in Kathmandu, Nepal. The beads are dyed and threaded onto cotton. The result isn't just environmentally friendly… it's also undeniably gorgeous! Our Felt Jewellery are Felt Necklase, Felt Hair Bands, Felt Hair Clips, Felt Ear Ring. These Felt Jewellery   come in a variety of striking colors, design & sizes at competitive prices.
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Felt Rangichangi Hair Band
Stone Shape Wool Felt Necklaces
Felt Ball Hair Band
Beaded Pote Wool Felt Necklaces
Cherry Wool Felt Necklaces
Sunflower Wool Felt Necklaces
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