Premium Collection Incense

Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives Incense is traditionally hand prepared from variety of authentic Himalayan medicinal herbs and ingredients. These rare and precious substances together produce a rich and pure aroma to assist, soothe and calm a restless mind, purify the environment and help in meditation and relaxation.

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Ratna Tibetan Incense
Sale Lapchi Nesang Tibetan Incense
$2.75 $3.50
Sale Dolpo Incense
$2.75 $3.75
Namdroling Tibetan Herbal Incense Roll
Namdroling Tibetan Herbal Incense
Original Green Tara Tibetan Incense Gift Pack
Sale Manjushiri genuine Tibetan incense
$2.25 $4.10
Sale Nagarjuna Genuine Tibetan Incense
$2.25 $4.10
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