Energy Bracelet

We offer a range of handmade bracelets made from a variety of materials including White Metal, Copper, Brass,Silver, beads,Glass, Bone, gemstones and wood.each bracelet is handmade with pride and attention to detail.Each one bracelets handcrafted by extraordinary artisans. The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, color and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece , adding to its unique qualities. Measurements may vary slightly.
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Maya Energy Bracelet
Tara Energy Bracelet
Sale 3 Mix Stone Healing Bracelets 1 x 18 cm
$1.90 $2.25
Sale 9 Mix Stone Healing Bracelets 1 x 18 cm
$2.60 $3.20
Sale 5 Mix Stone Healing Bracelets 1 x 18 cm
$2.20 $2.65
Three Metal Cuff Bracelet
Copper Rope Bracelet
Newari Mantra Bracelet
Three Metal Healing Knot Bracelet
Ramro Bracelets
Three stone medicine bracelet
Five stone medicine bracelet
Tibetan Script Bracelet
Tibetan Healing Bangle
Twisted Medicine Yoga Bracelet
Copper Healing Bracelet
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