Stone Japa Mala Beads

We offer a wide range of High quality genuine Japa Mala Prayer beads in Reasonable Price, Buddhist Japa mala Prayer Beads are made from a variety of materials, most commonly wood. Preferred woods are sandalwood or sacred wood from the bodhi tree.  Traditionally, Buddhist Japa mala Prayer Beads has 108 beads, representing the 108 human passions that Avalokiteshvara assumed when telling the beads.  Tibetan prayer mala are strings of beads used as an aid to prayer and the recitation of mantras in the Buddhist religion .A Japa mala Prayer Beads is held in the hand and rotated, one bead at a time, while mantras are recited.
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Seven Chakra Stone Necklace Japa Mala
Agate Prayer Beads Mala with Tassel
Sale Glass Beads Prayer Japa Mala
$1.50 $2.85
Sale Recycle Moonstone Prayer Bead Malas
$7.85 $15.50
Sale Recycle Malachite Prayer Bead Malas
$6.50 $10.25
Clear Quartz Crystal Mala Beads
Sale Rose Quartz Mala with Tassel
$6.75 $9.50
Tiger Eye Prayer Bead Mala with Tassel
Rose quartz Prayer Beads Mala 8 mm
Amethyst Prayer Beads Mala 8 mm
Jade Japa Malal Prayer Beads 8 mm
Labradorite Prayer Beads Japa Mala
Sale Recycle Rutile Quartz Japa Mala
$6.25 $10.50
Sale Tiger Eye Japa Mala 8 mm
$7.50 $9.25
Sale Tiger Eye Japa Mala 5 mm
$6.25 $7.95
Sale Carnelian Japa Mala 8 mm
$7.50 $9.10
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