Brass Statue

Our Exclusive sculptures of Hindu & Buddhist God And Goddess are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Carefully created in pure brass, our range of Hindu & Buddhist Gods and goddess exhibits rare quality Nepalese handicraft.
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Green Tara Brass Statue
Medicine Buddha Brass Statue
White Tara Brass Statue
Golden Brass Buddha Statue 12
Brass Kuber Statue 10 inch Height
Brass Buddha Statu 10 inch Height
Buddha Bodhi Tree Brass Statue
Thinking Buddha Statue 6 inch Tall
Nataraj Dancing Shiva statue 7 inch Height
Yellow Jambhala Brass Statue
Shiva Lingum Brass Statue 8 X 6 cm
Antique Stupa Chorten Statue 6.5 inch Tall
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