Tibetan Ghau & Pendant

Tibetan Jewelry has traditionally been an important part of Tibetan daily dress. It is believed, jewels put people in touch with deities, and protect them from the many hazards of life in their rugged and treacherous land. Tibetan jewelry is often oversized and heavy, with elaborate surface design and an exuberance of color. The value of jewelry was historically determined by the intensity of color and size of the components, rather than the value in gems or precious metals. Tibetan Jewelry includes Tibetan necklace, Tibetan bracelets, Tibetan pendant & amulet, Tibetan rings & earrings. 
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Tibetan Filigree Ghau Locket Pendant
Sale Doma Gold Plated Ghau Box 6 x 6 cm
$5.25 $7.50
Sale Lamu Gold Plated Ghau Box 6 x 6 cm
$5.50 $7.50
Buddhist Ritual Ghau Pendant White
Kalachakra Filigree Ghau Pendant
Treasure Vase Ghau Pendent 2 x 4 cm
Jantar Box Amulet 5 cm long
Mini Tibetan Gau Prayer Box
Tibetan Ghau Amulet Pendant
Sale Leaf Ghau Prayer Box Pendant
$2.25 $2.85
Sale Flower Ghau Prayer Box Pendant
$2.50 $3.50
Sale Tibetan Mantra Ghau Pendent
$2.20 $3.25
Ghau Prayer boxes Pendent 5 cm Tall
Sale Assorted Tara Ghau Locket Pendant
$2.25 $3.95
Sale Assorted Lama Ghau Pendant Locket
$3.10 $3.95
Sale Assorted Tibetan Buddhist Gau Pendant
$4.85 $6.70
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