About Creativehand Nepal


Vision And Mission

A Creative Hand Nepal stands as a collaborative movement comprising producers, wholesalers, retailers, and advocates dedicated to advancing social, economic, and environmental justice. Guided by the principles of fair trade, we prioritize elements such as fair wages, environmental sustainability, safe working conditions, financial and technical support, long-term relationships, and respect for cultural identity.

When you choose to make a purchase from Creative Hand Nepal, you become part of a network that empowers village artisans to remain in their communities, eliminating the need for prolonged absences to work in distant factories. This shift enables these artisans to provide support to their families, enhance village economies, and fortify the economic standing of both artisans and gender equality through direct trade and fair pricing.

Within this collaborative partnership, Nepalese artisans channel their artistic talents and ignite their creativity, giving rise to unique lines of craft accessories. This empowerment allows them to preserve their cultural traditions in a financially sustainable manner. The creative freedom afforded to these artisans enables us to offer you distinctive and high-quality handcrafted items.

At its core, our mission is to establish a direct link between you and the multitude of talented artisans in Nepal, fostering a connection that goes beyond mere transactions.

Creative Hand Nepal and Ethical policy

Creative Hand Nepal is dedicated to upholding and championing fair trade principles across all facets of our business operations. We exclusively offer products from suppliers who ethically source their goods from local artists, communities, and craftsmen. We advocate for the representation of diverse religions and communities among producers, ensuring that both male and female craftsmen contribute at various stages of production.

Recognizing the paramount importance of education in any community, we vehemently oppose child labor. Our commitment extends beyond transactions, as we regularly visit our partner producers to assess production conditions and foster personal relationships with the craftsmen.

We are unwavering in our commitment to using sustainable and legally sourced raw materials, meticulously selecting suppliers who share our values. To minimize our environmental impact, all shipping materials are chosen for their recyclability. Striving for sustainability, we actively engage in recycling and reusing practices whenever feasible, and our operations are powered by green energy.

Cultural Crafts

Nepal’s cultural craft heritage is particularly impressive considering the range of different crafts and the range of different culturally identifiable artisan communities. For example, Nepal is famous for its Wood Carving, Cotton Cloth, Nepalese paper, Tibetan Handicraft, Tibetan Incense, Buddhist and Hindu statue, woolen item and the particularly unique costumes and jewelry of Tibetan Design and Nepalese Design. These artistic traditions are sometimes divided into groups. 

Our Mission

We believe that Handmade Nepalese Handicraft should be affordable for everyone, and by prioritizing compassion over profit margin, we are making it possible.

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